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Kayla A. Greaves


Agency Guacamole, October 2021

Kayla was invited to speak on the #BLND2021 panel in New York City. 

The Jamaica Observer Webinar Series, September 2021

Kayla Greaves was invited to the Rock, Fashion, and Style webinar with designer and Project Runway alum Samantha Black. 

Fashinnovation Worldwide Talks, September 2021

Kayla was invited to interview Annie Jackson, co-founder and COO of Credo Beauty. 

Aesthetics Biomedical Conference, August 2021

Kayla speaking on the #BeautyIsPerspective panel in Orlando, Florida. 

Harvard Business School, February 2021

Kayla was invited to speak at Harvard Business School’s 48th annual H. Naylor Fitzhugh Conference for the Beyond Beauty: How Are Black Women Challenging the Age-Old Industry? panel.

The Jamaica Observer Webinar Series, February 2021

Kayla was a panelist for the Observer's virtual Webinar Series, among Jamaica's best and brightest young talent. 

GlamHive Live, November 2020

Kayla moderated the 360 Style panel featuring celebrity makeup artists and hairstylists Daniel Martin, Colleen Runne, Laura Polko, and Sherdian Ward.

Black Voices in Beauty Town Hall in partnership with Farmacy Beauty, July 2020

Kayla spoke at the Black Voices in Beauty Town Hall on the state of the beauty industry's initiatives to increase and foster diversity.  

Create & Cultivate, July 2020

Kayla was a moderator at Create & Cultivate's virtual summit. She lead the "Beyond the Filter: How to Launch, Scale, and Grow a Brand from the Ground Up" talk with panelists Lauren Bosworth, Katie Sturino, Sharon Chuter, Courtney Adeleye, and Bobbi Brown. 

Dr. Barbara Sturm Darker Skin Tones Masterclass, April 2020

Kayla was a panelist at Dr. Barbara Sturm's virtual masterclass, alongside Rachel Roy, Sir John, and Emma Grede. 

Burson Cohn & Wolfe, February 2019

Kayla speaking at PR agency Burson Cohn & Wolfe for its "My Black Is Beautiful" event. 

McMaster University, November 2017

Kayla speaking at a Nu Omega Zeta event, which is Canada’s first all-black Greek Sorority, on the importance of education and literacy. 

CaribbeanTales International Film Festival, September 2017

Kayla moderating a panel on "Black Love" as a part of the CaribbeanTales International Film Festival. 

HERCollective, September 2017

Kayla moderating HERCollective's inaugural panel, Conversations with HER. 

Filling The Gap Toronto, January 2017

Kayla Greaves moderating the Filling The Gap 3.0 panel, an event organized to empower women in the workplace. 

Young Women in Business - Toronto Chapter, October 2016

Kayla speaking on the importance of diversity in the workplace, and how companies can be more inclusive in their hiring practices. 

The Manifesto Festival, September 2016

Kayla sharing her journey of being a woman working in media.  

Wilfrid Laurier University, February 2016

Kayla speaking to Laurier students on the impact of colorism in the Caribbean and diaspora.